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Duane Cash Portfolio Website


Narrative  |  Process Book

Tools: Dreamweaver and jQuery


This website was created as part of the Interactive Design Game Development Portfolio Class. The goal was to create an interactive portfolio as a website that exhibited our skills, resume, and examples. Since my skill set comprised iOS development, the portfolio site was created using visual and interactive elements related to this type of work.

Created for ITGM 749 – Interactive Design Game Development Portfolio


“Pennies From Heaven” – ActionScript game

Link to Play Flash Game: Pennies From Heaven

Narrative  |  Process Book

Tools: Flash CS5 Actionscript


This project was completed to demonstrate the ability to outline, prototype, and finalize a small-scale game that showed mastery of customs functions, event handling, collision detection, and custom functions. The outcome was a catcher-style game in which the player catches coins falling from the sky in a metal cup in a quest for the highest score.

Created for ITGM 719 – Scripting for Interactivity


Fighting Rings Show Open

Visualization and Concept Storyboarding

Narrative  | Process Book

Tools: Photoshop CS5






In this project, I created production boards as a concept for a 30-second show open for a boxing match. The project involved research into the sport of boxing as well as a survey of the books and media surrounding the sport. Brainstorming sessions were done to discover new concept ideas that could contribute to the aesthetics of the piece. The final product was the production boards for the upcoming boxing match.

Created for MOME 705 - Visualization and Concept Storyboarding


Mechroid Manufacturing Factory on the Moon of Jarmic

Environment and Level Design

Narrative  |  Process Book

Tools: Maya 2010


This project consisted of the development of 3D environment with 3D modeled structures and a fly-through animation. Developing the back-story from the Max Raven Character further, the goal of this 3D environment idea was to create the mining facility that was populated by the Mechroid robots would were plotting to start an intelligent robot attack of the planet Sorna and launch an inter-planetary war.

Created for ITGM 352 – Environment and Level Design


“Scorpious” - 3D Ship Model and Animation

Narrative  |  Process Book

Tools: Maya 2010


The Scorpious space ship was designed as part of a game scene animation that explores the creation of 3D models in a character-based environment that exhibits textures, materials and lighting effects. The Scorpious ship belongs to the fictional Max Raven character developed in conjunction with the Mechroid back-story. Model sheets and a final fly-through animation was the outcome of the project.

Created for ITGM 240 – Modeling Materials and Lighting



Fall of the Giants – UDK game level

Narrative  |  Process Book

Tools: UDK, Maya, Photoshop, RealDraw Pro


This project was Unreal Development Kit level that allowed players to explore the remnants of a battle between two colossal robots. The scenery was a grassy valley littered with the mechanical artifacts of the robots. The level features the development of terrains, skyDome, particle effects and weapon pickups.

Created for ITGM 721 – Environments for Games


“Max Raven”  - 3D Character Development

Tools: Maya 2010


This project involved the development of a 3D model starting from the story for the game world and resulting in a 3D character model to be present in a 3D character turntable for a movie reel. Using Maya 2010 and Z-Brush, Max Raven was designed as a main character for a fictional world and story called Mechroids.

Created for ITGM 710 - Character Development

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